Clean Eating  Basics:

July 31, 7-9PM

Are you ready to set the stage for plant based, clean eating success? Join Audrey in the Grand Rapids Natural Health kitchen and learn, hands on, her favorite tips, tricks and strategies to get delicious and nutritious food in your belly with as little fuss as possible.  This first session of the series will provide:

-Demos with must have kitchen tools and how to use them

-Food storage and safety tips

-Hands-on learning

-An intro to quick and easy cooking/meal prep methods

-Group coaching/Q&A time with feedback

-Recipe handout

Snack Success:

August 28, 7-9PM

You know that feeling when hunger strikes and there's nothing to eat?  All of a sudden you can't think clearly, forget your goals and throw in the towel?  This is one of the most common issues and complaints from coaching clients.  If you'd like to make eating delicious and nutritious snacks part of your lifestyle, this session is for you.

Highlights of the evening include:
- Explanations and demos with fresh picked local produce
- Plant based always with vegan/non-vegan options
- Hands-on learning for those who prefer it
- A little wine for sipping and infused water for tasting
- Food sampling
- Food storage and safety tips
- Brief group coaching segment/time for Q&A
- Recipe handout(be ready to take notes!) 

Begin with Breakfast:

Sept. 25, 7-9PM


Heal Your Gut: Soups and Stews

Oct. 30, 7-9pm

Wow, does a body notice a difference when breakfast is balanced and filling vs. sugar laden, light and lacking in plants!  Audrey will demo and discuss her favorite breakfast options which are always satisfying and real-food, plant-based!  There will be a mix of options for those who desire food on the fly or leisurely and calm(and a bit of coaching around this topic).  Yum!



Have you learned about gut health and how an unhealthy gut is extremely common, but also the root cause to many health issues and struggles in the body?  Allergies, asthma, hormone imbalance, immune function, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression, obesity and so much more are tied to the "microbiome", aka, "gut".  This class is for anyone who loves to eat warming, grounding and seasonal comfort foods while living a busy life.  Together we will focus on preparing and cooking to help heal and seal the gut while also accommodating various diets and lifestyles.  Participants will:

-Experience an interactive, hands-on learning experience

-Learn specific details about "food as medicine"

-Sample each recipe

-Enjoy a little wine, tea or infused water

-Focus on plant based eating in a judgement free zone (there will be animal ingredients this time, but always vegan options)

-Walk away with a recipe handout to use at home

-Form new friendships with like-minded, healthy-striving adults