You just know something has to change.

It's that little voice inside that starts with a gentle nudge.. It progresses into an annoying feeling... Until finally after way too long it's a pounding loud scream.

You feel pushed to live differently.


Health coaching is for everyone.  If you are looking to get well or simply be your best YOU through realistic, delicious nutrition and lifestyle changes, Audrey has you covered.  Get the expertise, support and encouragement you have always been looking for.

Group Coaching

With a background in education and experience with group therapy, Audrey has mastered what it takes to lead a group.  Group coaching follows the same program as one-on-one coaching, but allows for a different dynamic with like-minded individuals who are willing to share and grow together.


After the birth of her first child, Audrey found herself burnt out, anxious, sick and unfulfilled with daily life. Through therapy and lifestyle changes, she discovered the healing power of real food and what it means to live with balance.  She is now a passionate health coach, mom on a mission, and holistic entrepreneur.