Audrey Byker, Health Coach

Before health coaching...

After way too many years analyzing myself in the mirror, looking for my value through the number on the scale, and relying on people, objects or circumstance to make me feel whole, my body said “enough", something had to change.  Chronic illness, infections and prescription drugs were part of daily life.  Food allergies began to appear.

 After sheer exhaustion, several rounds of antibiotics and steroids yet still no resolve, the nurse practitioner convinced me to have allergy testing done. I did choose to test for allergies, but also took the diagnosis into my own hands and started researching what the root cause of all this was.  I learned the low-fat, calorie counting, protein obsessing, over exercising, perfectionism lifestyle I lived, slowly took it's toll.  All of this, plus lack of self-care, was icing on my sugar-addiction cake.  A conversation can change everything.   

While it’s true, my husband, children, family and friends would benefit if I wasn’t all-consumed by illness and fear, I was the one who needed to choose different; for me.  My lifestyle had to change so my body would heal. 

Slowly habits and priorities started to rearrange, because change=results and balance=health.  Little by little, over the course of a few years, I committed to add-in more real and life-giving food, time for self-care, and different expectations for daily life.  Blown away by the power of nature and this one intricately designed body, I found a message that had to be shared. My allergies cleared up, immune system restored and I lost the need to weigh myself with a new passion for food which was powerful, pleasurable and fun!

With a BA in Physical Education and English from Hope College, teaching and volunteering experience as well as a certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I have mastered what it takes to educate and connect with people.  However, it's because of my unique gift and passion as a woman who has learned from life experience, that I am able to help others find true health and lasting wellness for themselves.