As a Health Coach, Audrey Byker will educate you on the essential tips, tricks and strategies to gain health through improved nutrition and lifestyle changes. With these changes you will feel motivation and empowerment to live your best life. Every body and individual is unique so each program is custom fit and tailored to you! Audrey coaches in-home, in-office or remotely from anywhere in the world.
*Accepting HSA & FSA health payment options.

Audrey Specializes in:

-Basic nutrition improvement

- Weight loss and fat loss

- Using food as medicine to heal the body

- Anxiety Management

- Disordered or emotional eating

- Lifestyle Coaching

- Feeding families, meal planning

- Maternal Health (During pre-partum, pregnancy, and post-partum)

- Improving Body image

- Nutrition for athletes

- Fitness guidance and support

What exactly does a health coach do? Health Coaching includes educating clients about healthy eating and lifestyle choices, helping clients develop and set goals, and taking clients’ good intentions and putting them into practice. Health Coaches work in many settings and, among other services, provide general wellness and nutrition information, options, recommendations, guidance, motivation, and skill-building to establish healthier lifestyle routines and to achieve client-focused personal health goals.

Health Coaches are recognized by the most significant health institutions in the world and already play a vital part in the emerging preventative healthcare model. 

Currently, Audrey is accepting new health coaching clients in Holland, MI & the surrounding areas. Rates range from $35-$4000.00; there is something for everyone ready to change. Schedule your free consult to learn more about Health Coaching and the best support for you on your journey to better health!