Health coach & lifestyle expert - Audrey byker

Through nutritional coaching, cooking classes, and wellness lectures, Audrey Byker creates transformation that happens through education, mindfulness, and habit formation. Accepting both HSA & FSA health payment plans, Audrey can work with you in-person or virtually at your convenience; it is all about you.

So many of us have experienced that little voice inside. It starts out as just a gentle nudge, progresses into an annoying feeling, and ultimately it becomes a pounding scream. “It was through that screaming, that I was pushed to live differently. My passion and expertise for health and wellness coaching was born from that desire for change, and it allows me to work daily to influence and witness total transformation in my clients.”

You feel pushed to live differently.


Get the expertise, support, accountability and coaching you need for new habit formation.

Cooking Classes

Sharing basic to advanced cooking skills and developing comfort in the kitchen goes hand-in-hand with living a healthy lifestyle.
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A passionate Health Coach, ‘mom on a mission’, athlete, and holistic entrepreneur. 

Love your food: When healthy food is also delicious, a healthy lifestyle will become a habit. I have seen clients who avoid cooking and preparing their food, and this is one of the easiest ways to find yourself off-track from your nutritional goals. As a health coach, I teach all clients how to create habits and skills with planning, shopping, prepping and cooking. I educate about how healthy and whole food, is often the best tasting food there is.

Love your body: Many, if not most, of my health coaching clients come to me either neglecting or hating their bodies—out of touch with it’s signs and signals. As a result, I see these clients treat their bodies with little to zero respect. My goal is for all my clients to gain awareness of their body first, then acceptance of the body they were given. Once those two things happen, transformation truly begins. No one can change habits for the long-term when they are constantly operating on auto-pilot or with hate, disgust, fear or negativity as their guide. The human body changes and develops with each passing year and is always deserving of love and respect.

Love your life: I help clients understand, see and feel how the mind, body and spirit are all one. You can’t be healthy and hate your life. And you can’t have and awesome life if you don’t have your health. This is my favorite part of coaching and how I get the most fulfilled at the end of the day. This is where total transformation happens through education, mindfulness, and habit formation.